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Hello and Welcome!

Enamelling is my passion. To me, it's like magic. I adore the magical transformation of tiny, powdered grains of glass and fine silver into a vibrant enamelled jewel after firing in a kiln. It simply just never ceases to amaze me. I embrace this 'magic' to create and handcraft unique, one of a kind pieces of jewellery for everyday wear and larger pieces of jewellery for exhibitions in contemporary galleries. 

My keen eye for detail, pattern and colour, combined with my curious and inquisitive nature often slows me to a standstill as I contemplate the simple beauty of nature and concepts of balance. Using this as inspiration for my jewellery and exhibition pieces, everything I make offers its wearer a little piece of enamelled 'magic' and the enjoyment that comes from knowing your jewellery is truly unique. 

I enjoy the fluidity of the creative process when enamelling, especially since it is an intrinsically slow process, which allows my ideas and designs to evolve while I make an enamelled piece. The depth and maturity of colours are slowly developed over many layers of enamel, applications and firings. Oftentimes, a single piece of jewellery is fired in the kiln up to twenty times before completion, with the true beauty of the enamelled jewel revealed at the final firing. This is always a rewarding moment and time for reflection of the meticulous process from raw silver materials and grains of glass to a wearable piece of art. 

Specialising in the art of cloisonne', champleve' and plique-a-jour enamelling, I am professionally trained by internationally renowned enamellists and metalsmiths, and selected pieces of my enamelled jewellery have been exhibited in Australian and International galleries. 

If you would like to keep up to date with forthcoming events and behind the scenes images, follow me on instagram and join me on my enamelling journey.