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Care Instructions

Enamelled jewellery is wonderfully beautiful and relatively hardwearing. I encourage you to love and treasure your enamelled jewellery, and most importantly, to enjoy wearing it. 

Please read and follow the 'Care Instructions' to ensure the integrity of your jewellery and to not compromise any consumer guarantees associated with your jewellery (refer to 'Refunds, Exchanges and Repairs').     

~ Always place your jewellery gently onto hard surfaces with the enamel side facing up. 

~ Avoid dropping your jewellery as enamel is glass and may crack and/or break under pressure or force. 

~ Prevent scratching the enamel by storing your enamelled jewellery separately from other jewellery. The box that your jewellery arrives in is perfect for storing and keeping your enamelled jewellery safe. 

~ Silver jewellery will naturally tarnish over time. To prevent tarnishing, put your jewellery on after applying perfume, hairspray, make-up and body lotions. 

~ Take your enamelled jewellery off before going to sleep each night.  

~ Renew the shine of the silver in your enamelled jewellery by gently cleaning with a soft silver polishing cloth. Do not use liquid silver cleaning agents or chemicals, ultrasonic machines, tissues or paper towel to clean your jewellery as these may damage the enamel.

Please contact me if you are in doubt about the care of your enamelled jewellery.